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Manthorpe Building Products

Manthorpe Building Products - SmartVerge Interlocking Plain Tile Verge

Manthorpe Building Products - SmartVerge Interlocking Plain Tile Verge

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The SmartVerge Interlocking Plain Tile dry verge system provides a neat and attractive finish to the gable end verge detail of a roof covered with interlocking plain tiles. The design of the system is ambidextrous and allows the units to be installed to either hand of the verge. The specially cambered flanges are designed to lay perfectly flat to the tile surface thanks to the patented split fixing plate, helping to eliminate tile kick up on the course above and increasing the effective drainage angle of the lower flange, improving the rate of water runoff from the verge and away from the wall.

The system is mortar-free and can be fixed in all weather conditions, easily capping over each tile in succession and once fitted they are weatherproof and maintenance free. The handed verge units are available in a range of colours to compliment any variation of roof design.

Angled or round Ridge End Caps are available to protect the end of the ridge while the unique Eaves Closure with its simpler fitting and colour matched external fixing at the base of the verge, secures the first unit and prevents ingress into the roof space from birds and large insects.

  • Fully compliant to the requirements of BS 8612
  • Fast and easy to install in all weather conditions
  • Ambidextrous design works on both hands of the verge
  • Suits small format concrete interlocking plain tiles
  • Provides a mechanically fixed, mortar-free solution
  • Unique split fixing plate and cambered flange design eliminates tile kick up
  • Drains moisture away from the wall to prevent staining
  • Manufactured from UV stabilised polypropylene
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