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Knauf Insulation

100mm Knauf Acoustic Roll 1200mm x 10.30m - (12.36m2/Pack)

100mm Knauf Acoustic Roll 1200mm x 10.30m - (12.36m2/Pack)

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Acoustic Roll is a glass mineral wool roll, designed for use in separating or
internal wall and floor applications, offering sound absorption and noise
reduction properties.
It is non-combustible with the best possible Euroclass A1 reaction to fire
classification, and is manufactured using our unique bio-based binder,
ECOSE® Technology


  • Manufactured density in excess of 10kg/m³ to meet the requirements for an absorption layer in approved document E.
  • Tested to meet the sound performance standards for type B internal, timber or metal stud, partitions in Approved Document E.
  • Designed to fit between studs, reducing the potential for unwanted gaps and maximising sound insulation performance.
  • Ready-cut rolls for quick and easy installation.
  • Longer rolls for efficient handling, transport and storage.


Acoustic Roll is specifically designed for friction fitting between joists and studs at 400mm and 600mm centres to improve the sound insulation of:
• separating walls and floors;
• internal walls and floors;
• timber or metal stud internal partition walls and floors.
Using glass mineral wool as a sound absorbent layer in partitions and floors significantly improves their acoustic performance. In internal and separating walls, glass mineral wool complements plasterboard linings by absorbing airborne sound, and reducing reverberation, and is particularly effective at preventing the hollow sound that can occur
in partitions with unfilled cavities.
Acoustic Roll is suitable for use with a range of constructions for Separating Walls and Floors (Timber) registered in the Robust Details Handbook reducing the need for onsite acoustic testing.

Knauf Acoustic Roll Datasheet

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