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Actis Insulation

Actis Eolis HC 1.5m X 8m (12m2)

Actis Eolis HC 1.5m X 8m (12m2)

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Eolis HC is a new blanket reflective insulation with an integrated vapour barrier offering dual features within a single product, making it possible to insulate and achieve airtightness in a single operation.

Designed with the Actis patented new Triplex technology.

Easily installed to the warm side of timber structures reducing the amount of thermal bridging and removing the requirement to cut insulation between rafters.

Eolis HC has a thickness of 135mm and is available in 12m2 rolls.

Easy and quick installation

The product is installed in a continuous layer which benefits in obtaining airtightness and an exceptional reduction in thermal bridging.

Saves time

  • Faster Installation - reduction in installation time as cutting insulation in-between rafters is not required.
  • Saves time on site - light to handle, little to no mess to clear up
  • Easier installation - self-adhesive lap, no precision cutting needed & flexible to fit

Product features:

  • Designed with Actis new & unique patented Triplex technology
  • Self-adhesive lap
  • Reflective properties provide summer comfort and winter warmth
  • Suitable for ≥ 100mm rafters (greater than or equal to 100)
  • Flexible
  • Easy to store and transport
  • Space saving
  • High thermal resistance R5.67
  • Dual performance
  • Inherently airtight
  • Exceptional durability
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