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Protecta FR Acrylic – Fire Rated Sealant - Pure White

Protecta FR Acrylic – Fire Rated Sealant - Pure White

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General Product Details

Designed to prevent the spread of fire and smoke through joints and openings in fire rated walls and floors (including openings formed around building service penetrations); Protecta®
FR Acrylic will also maintain acoustic design performance.
When subjected to atmospheric conditions, the sealant cures however, it will retain a degree of elasticity for joint movement. Under fire exposure, Protecta® FR Acrylic creates a robust fire seal by the formation of a durable intumescent char.
Protecta® FR Acrylic can be used with a suitable filling material i.e. stone wool or Protecta® backing material in order to secure correct width to depth ratio, and to reduce the shrinking of the sealant during curing. Minimum depth and maximum width of the joints are included in the installation instructions. Thermal activation takes place at approx. 180°C when the material will expand (intumesce) and prevent the passage of fire and smoke for periods up to and beyond 4 hours.


  • High end formula, certified in most countries Worldwide
  • Faster application times and minimal material use due to its ability to achieve high fire ratings and single sided installations
  • Classified for fire sealing all types of constructions such as drywalls, masonry walls, concrete walls, concrete floors and composite floors
  • Classified for fire stopping of service penetrations in cross-laminated timber walls and floors
  • Classified for fire sealing all types of building service penetrations such as cables, cable bundles, cable conduits, steel pipes, copper pipes, composite pipes, PVC pipes, PE pipes, ABS pipes, PP pipes and PEX pipe-in-pipes
  • Classified with commonly used pipe insulations such as stone wool, glass wool, elastomeric and phenolic, both interrupted and continuous through the fire seal
  • Classified for fire sealing against timber, steel and aluminium such as door and window frames
  • Causes no deleterious effects on cPVC pipes like BlazeMaster, supported by mechanical testing evidence
  • May be installed in drywalls with or without framing around the opening
  • Very high sound insulation
  • Air, smoke and gas tight, tested at 600 Pascal
  • Available in the Polyseam Eco-Foil system
  • Low emissions – environmentally and user friendly
  • Simple to apply with a smooth surface finish
  • No priming necessary for application to most materials
  • Suitable for most surfaces, including concrete, masonry, steel, gypsum, glass, plastics and most non-porous surfaces
  • Hardens quickly and tack free after 1 hour (the fire performance specification of the joint filler has been derived when the joint filler has been let to cure for a month)
  • 18 months storage time (under correct conditions)
  • 30 years working life
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