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Cromar Alpha Chem B1 Fire Foam Gun Grade Expanding Foam 750ml

Cromar Alpha Chem B1 Fire Foam Gun Grade Expanding Foam 750ml

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AlphaChem B1 Fire Foam Gun Grade represents a high-efficiency, top-tier, single-component PU Expanding Foam, designed to excellently fill and insulate a variety of joints, gaps, and voids in construction settings. Notably, for specific joint arrangements, the product holds a fire rating, compliant with EN 1366-4, and adheres to the DIN4102-B1 Fire Class standard. This designation serves to retard the progress of flames and smoke. Additionally, AlphaChem B1 Fire Foam showcases outstanding acoustic and thermal attributes.

It’s important to highlight that this formulation is void of any propellant gases that could harm the ozone layer.

Ideal for all applications where fire retardant properties are required,  for example: 

  • Installation of door and window frames.
  • Filling and sealing gaps, joints and cavities.
  • Filling of penetrations in walls.
  • Heat insulation of roof construction.
  • Sealing of cable and pipe penetrations.
  • Soundproofing and sealing partition walls.
  • Bonding of insulation materials.
  • Multi‐Purpose, adhesion and fixation.


  • Ensure all surfaces are clean, sound, dry and free from dust, grease or other contaminants.
  • Application temperature is between +5 °C and +30 °C. Always wear gloves and goggles when applying.
  • Moistening the surfaces and the foam improves adhesion and shortens the cure time.
  • For the Hand Held version, screw the straw adapter onto the valve, TURN THE  CAN UPSIDE DOWN and activate the foam by pressing the valve. 
  • For the Gun Grade version, screw onto an applicator gun, taking care not to overtighten. 
  • To apply the foam TURN THE CAN UPSIDE DOWN and press the trigger, the output of the foam can be regulated with the trigger and controlled with the adjustment screw on the back side of the gun.
  • Always keep the can upside down during application. 
  • Partially fill the holes and cavities, as post expansion will completely fill the hole.
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