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Cromar Vent 3 Air High Performance 1m x 50m (50m2)

Cromar Vent 3 Air High Performance 1m x 50m (50m2)

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The Vent 3 Air High-Performance Breathable Membrane has been delivered to the roofing market, outweighing its competitors with an unrivalled, high-permeable breather membrane. Cromar's technicians formulated and crafted this product to achieve the new NHBC building regulations whilst also achieving added bonuses. Some of these include improved energy efficiency, reduced risk of moisture-related problems, increased lifespan of the roof and overall enhanced comfort for those indoors.

  • Fantastic UV and Water Resistance
  • Overall, outstanding hydrophobic properties
  • Eliminate the requirement for additional ventilation
  • Application area under tiles and slates as a pitched roof underlay
  • Doesn’t need to be applied in conjunction with a vapour control layer
  • Compliant for application areas in zones 1 – 3 on a 345mm battened lap without any taping


Air Permeability

Exceeds BS EN 12114

Flame Retardancy

Class F EN 11925-2

Nail Tear Strength

184N, 210N

Tensile Strength

310N/50mm, 220N/50mm

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