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Easy-trim - Dry Fix Starter Units and Blanking Plates

Easy-trim - Dry Fix Starter Units and Blanking Plates

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EACH PACK CONTAINS 2 X STARTER UNITS 2 X BLANKING PLATES Starter Unit Verge U Starter Units (or eaves closures) are used to prevent water ingress and infestation at the eaves. 

The starter unit should be mechanically fixed to the end of the fascia board or brickwork. The first universal verge unit is then secured into place over the starter piece to provide a strong, sealed beginning for the rest of the verge installation. Blanking Plate These are sometimes referred to as ridge closures. 

The plates fit perfectly over the final verge unit's grille at the roof's apex, creating a neat and aesthetically pleasing finish to the verge installation whilst also providing protection against infestation and water ingress. 


• For use in conjunction with dry fix universal verge units • Use in new build and refurbishment applications

• Pitches of 15-55 degrees

• Can be retrofitted. Features and Benefits: Eliminates infestation from birds and small animals 

• Aesthetically pleasing finish to the verge system 

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