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EasyLead R Rough Synthetic Roof Flashing (5m)

EasyLead R Rough Synthetic Roof Flashing (5m)

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 Textured aluminium-based alternative to traditional lead flashing. High performance, long-term durability for use in flat and pitched roof applications.

Typical applications for this lightweight synthetic flashing with excellent malleability and formability includes: Chimneys and Abutments, Saddles, Soakers and Stepped Flashing, Windows, Dormers and Rooflights, Valleys and Gutters.

EasyLead R is rolled sheet aluminium with a protective anti-corrosion coating and a high performance butyl adhesive on the underside.

  • Resistant to heat
  • Fittings & fixings not required
  • Weatherproof
  • Guarantee - 20 years
  • UV resistant

Features and benefits

    150mm (6in) wide and 5m (16ft 5in) long with rough texture. Other widths, and a textured alternative also available.

    • TEMPERATURE RESISTANT - effective from -40°c to +90°c
    • ANTI-CRIME PRODUCT - no re-sale value, so unattractive to thieves
    • HIGH PERFORMANCE BUTYLE TAPE - bonds to brickwork, roof tiles and popular construction materials
    • MALLEABLE MATERIAL - can be worked or hammered like traditional lead
    • 20+ YEARS LIFE EXPECTANCY - durable and resistant to corrosion and UV degradation
    • EXTREMELY LIGHTWEIGHT - lighter and easier to work with than lead
    • BBA APPROVED - meets Building Regulations
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