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Insulation Support Netting 2m x 100m

Insulation Support Netting 2m x 100m

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Insulation Net is used to support insulation materials between floor rafters or in a vertical wall insulation and is simply installed by stapling or tacking to the rafters or vertical struts. The insulation Net is allowed to sag between the rafters and will support a depth of insulation from 100mm to over 250mm. A single thickness of insulation Net can span rafters up to 450mm apart and a double thickness up to 1200mm


Black Insulation Support Netting
2m x 100m
20mm x 20mm
    • Well-suited for backing insulation in suspended floors and snug fitting between joists or rafters
    • The roll provides a 2m x 100mm sheet of standard weight netting for insulation
    • Simple to staple consistently along its length
    • Hangs between joists, stretching tightly over ceiling and wall insulation
    • Guarantees the firm fixation of insulation materials


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