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KPRO Crete Post 10 (Plastic Bag)

KPRO Crete Post 10 (Plastic Bag)

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Delivery charge £50 for up to 64 bags (1000kg) can be mixed aggregate products

Post 10 is a rapid setting, micro concrete mix designed for the rapid installation and
anchoring of all types of timber, plastic, metal and concrete posts.

Post 10 is suitable for use in the following applications,
• Setting of metal, wooden and plastic posts in domestic applications.

Product Use
Preparation: Dig a hole to the correct dimensions according to the post size (refer to
product yield table)
Mixing: Prior mixing not required. See instructions below.
Placing: Follow the steps below,
1. Fill the hole halfway with water and position the post vertically in the hole
2. Pour Post 10 evenly into the hole and around the post up to the water level. Sprinkle
 any visible dry powder with water.
3. Immediately adjust the level and position the post as required and support for 5
 minutes, or until setting begins.
4. Lightly tap the surface to remove any trapped air

Technical Data
KPRO Post 10 is produced in an ISO 9001 quality-controlled environment. Post 10 is a
20 N/mm² concrete as standard

Characteristic Data value
Compressive Strength (28 days) 20N/mm²
Density 2000 kg/m³
Initial Set 5-7 mins
Final Set 10 mins

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