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Mannok IsoShield Full Fill Cavity Wall Insulation - 1185mm x 450mm x 97mm

Mannok IsoShield Full Fill Cavity Wall Insulation - 1185mm x 450mm x 97mm

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Mannok IsoShield  is a superior Full Filll Cavity Wall Insulation that combines ease of construction with all the benefits of full fill PIR. Featuring Premium Stucco, Embossed Foil Facings.

Mannok IsoShield is designed for use in cavity walls on new build projects. Made of robust stucco aluminum facings on each side and has shiplap joint detail on all four edges of the board. This detail eliminates any movement of moisture to the inner leaf of the wall construction.

Mannok IsoShield has a low thermal conductivity of 0.022w/mk. By filling the cavity with this board, the designer can achieve their design U values and reduce/eliminate the need for an insulated Drylining board on the inner leaf.

Mannok IsoShield has DS (TH)4,DS (-20-)2 dimensional tolerances, enabling boards to be overlapped to form a continuous layer of insulation. Mannok IsoShield is manufactured in a range of thicknesses to suit standard cavity wall widths (i.e. 75mm, 100mm, 125mm & 150mm) and is also designed to suit standard wall tie spacing.

Key Features:
  • Thickness: 97mm
  • Board size: 1185mm x 450mm
  • Coverage per board: 0.54m2 per board 
  • Thermal conductivity: 0.022 W/mK
  • Facing: Premium Stucco, Embossed Foil Facings
  • Edges: Shiplap joint detail on all four edges
  • Application: Rigid Full Fill Insulation for Cavity Walls 

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