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Manthorpe GL50 Access Panel 100 x 150mm

Manthorpe GL50 Access Panel 100 x 150mm

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A 100 x 150mm access panel which provides a cost effective solution for easy access to hidden building services behind a ceiling or wall. For use in domestic and commercial situations, the panel is lightweight and easy to fit with a smooth textured finish which can be painted over if required. The panel door is fully detachable and can be removed for convenience.

  • Lightweight and easy fit
  • Slim, flush-fit finish
  • Door can be fully removed
  • Lightly textured and easy to clean surface which can be painted
  • Used to access; electrics, switches, valves control boxes etc.

Colour: White
Overall Size: 182mm x 132mm
152mm x 106mm
140mm x 90mm
Panel Depth: 15mm
Packaging: Boxed in 20s
Material: High Impact Polystyrene
Single Person Installation Possible: Yes
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