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Midland Lead

Midland Lead Code 4 Roofing Lead Flashing Roll - 3m

Midland Lead Code 4 Roofing Lead Flashing Roll - 3m

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Midland Lead Code 4 Roofing Lead Flashing Roll is a premium cast lead sheet made to BBA quality approval (BBA 86/1764) and is the ideal material to use for flashings and weatherproofing. Lead is highly resistant to corrosion and fully malleable, which makes it easy to use and ideal as a weatherproofing material. Also, because lead is heavy, it doesn’t run the risk of lifting in high winds - unlike its non-lead alternatives.

Code 4 roofing lead has a thickness of 1.80mm and is suitable for a variety of applications including vertical cladding, hip and ridge flashing, parapet, box and tapered valley gutters, bay tops and canopies, apron and cover flashings, chimney flashings and more.

With a life-expectancy of well beyond 100 years, Midland Lead premium cast lead is also manufactured with responsibly sourced materials including recycled lead only which makes it a highly sustainable building material. 

Don't forget to apply patination oil to lead to avoid white staining (oxidisation) and it also adds sheen to the lead. Midland Lead accessories are delivered free when ordered with lead flashing.

  • Excellent weather-proofing
  • Non-corrosive, flexible and easy to use
  • BBA Certified
  • NHBC Approved
  • EPD Verified
  • CE mark EN14783
  • ISO accreditation - ISO 14001 (environment) and ISO 9001 (quality management)
  • Product is colour coded to easily recognise each code. 
  • 100% recyclable
  • Lead is a natural metal
  • Sustainable and environmentally friendly
  • Length: 3m
  • Code 4 Thickness: 1.80mm
  • Code 4 Nominal Weight: 20.4kg/m2

What Is Machine Cast Lead?

It is produced by dipping a rotating water-cooled drum into a bath of molten lead. The sheet is formed on the immersed section of the drum and peels off at the top. It is wound into spools before being cut into sheet rolls.

Please Note: To avoid thermal expansion and contraction issues, individual flashing pieces must not exceed 1.5m in length. Due to temperature fluctuations, regular spaced expansion joints must be used.

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