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Polypipe PSM1 Soakaway Crate - 1000mm (L) X 500mm (W) X 400mm (H)

Polypipe PSM1 Soakaway Crate - 1000mm (L) X 500mm (W) X 400mm (H)

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With 44 tonnes/m² compressive strength, Polystorm is ideally suited surface water retention, surface water attenuation or surface water infiltration as a soakaway solution at a variety of depths, under trafficked or loaded areas such as car parks and housing and commercial developments.

Features & Benefits

  • Compressive strength of 44 tonnes/m²
  • Ideal for retention, attenuation or soakaway applications with a suitable geomembrane or geotextile
  • Designed for trafficked and loaded conditions
  • BBA approved
  • Visual and maintenance access can be achieved when used in conjunction with Polystorm Access & Polystorm Inspect
  • Can be used as part of an intelligently engineered hybrid system with Polystorm Xtra and Polystorm Lite
  • Integrated inlet and outlet
  • 3D flow throughout the structure
  • 95% void ratio
  • 100% recyclable
  • 50 years creep limited life expectancy
Size: 1000mm x 500mm x 400mm
Material: Polypropylene
Type: Soakaway Crate
Pack Size: 1
Colour: Black
Weight: 9kg
Product: PSM1
Load Rating: 44 Tonnes


5 units = 1cubic meter

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