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SuperFOIL Insulation

SuperFOIL SFUF 1.5m X 8m (12m2)

SuperFOIL SFUF 1.5m X 8m (12m2)

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SFUF under floor insulation solution have been specially designed with solid floors in mind. SFUF has a built-in protective layer, meaning you can put screed directly on top of the product without worrying about causing damage to the insulation. This makes it an excellent addition to that new underfloor heating system that you are installing!

SuperFOIL’s underfloor insulation is extremely thin, measuring a grand total of 6mm in thickness! Despite its sleek appearance, SFUF still delivers the high thermal performance that SuperFOIL is known for. Making it the perfect solution for installations where floor depth is limited.

SFUF is slightly different from our other ranges. Due to the materials used, it is typically installed with the use of no air gaps and has minimal compression. However, that is where the differences end! Our underfloor range remains easy to install with minimal wastage, whilst still providing you a certified 3 in 1 product.

SFUF can be used all around the home! Not only in your flooring applications but also as wall insulation and roof applications! It can be used either as a lone product or in combination with other traditional types of insulation. This means that you will always achieve your target U-value!

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