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TDI - Roll Out Vent Universal Dry Ridge System 6m - Black

TDI - Roll Out Vent Universal Dry Ridge System 6m - Black

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The TDI roll-out dry ridge system offers a mechanical method for the robust attachment of ridge tiles, ensuring they remain shielded from wind uplift and that the roofing remains impervious to rain.

Eliminating the need for mortar, this system simplifies and expedites the tile fixing procedure. Its design allows for installations even in frosty or inclement weather, making it an invaluable solution for unexpected roofing challenges.

When it comes to steadfastly securing tiles to roofs, dry ridge systems stand out for their dependability. Enhance your roofing standards with this dry ridge system, characterised by its longevity and hassle-free application.

Why Choose TDI Roll Out Vent Dry Ridge System?

  • Fully compliant to the requirements of BS 8612
  • Mechanically secures the ridge tiles to the structure of the roof
  • Provides 5,000mm²/M of ventilation into the roof space
  • Compatible with most makes of concrete half-round and angled ridge tiles
  • Compatible with most slate, concrete flat and profiled roof tiles
  • One box is enough for a 6m ridge length
  • Quick and easy installation
  • No special tool requirements

Kit Contents

  • 13 x Unions
  • 10 x Batten supports

Product Specifications

Colour: Black

Size: 300 x 6000mm

Free Vent Area: 5,000mm²/M

Ridge run: 6m

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